Crystal Paints Tile, Laminate & Melamine Paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed, straight on to prepared Laminate benchtops, doors, walls etc.


Sand laminate with 240 – 320 grit sandpaper and clean very well. 

A fine bristle brush or a short nap roller like a mohair is the easiest application method for non-experienced painters. 

If you’re going to spray, you will need to thin the paint out with mineral turps to avoid spitting resulting in a clean smooth surface.  

Crystal Paints Tile, Laminate & Melamine Paint dries in 2-4 hours and can be recoated, depending weather conditions in 2-4 hours. Full curing time is at least 1-3 weeks.

Bench tops should be covered with towels for at least 3 weeks while paint is curing. Avoid knocking surface with hard or sharp objects.

Make sure you stir the paint well and check for settling on the bottom of the can before painting. 


1 litre of paint can cover up to 12 square metres on laminate surfaces. 

To clean up use Mineral turpentine.


Do not paint if the temperature is less than 12 degrees C.


We recommend you use gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, breathing apparatus, protective footwear, and have adequate ventilation.

Before and After Laminate Paint
Before and After Laminate Paint Charcoal
Before and After Tile, Laminate and Melamine Paint White and Charcoal
Before and After Laminate Paint Charcoal

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